Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are your requirements to qualify to rent a property? Myers Team Management has a very extensive application process. Myers Team pulls a credit, criminal, eviction and civil case search. Applicants must have a clear eviction and civil case search as well as a clean criminal background check. When it comes to credit we aren’t solely focused on the credit score or why your credit is insufficient to buy a home. We look at your debt to income ratio. We want to ensure you have the financial capability to uphold the leasehold obligations. Our objective is it make sure we put a win-win scenario together for our client as well as our tenants.
  • Do you accept Section 8? Myers Team manages property for individuals and investors. We do not own the properties that we offer for lease. Some of our clients will accept Section 8 and some will not. Each property is a case by case situation. However the Section 8 applicant must qualify for the property based on the other qualifications even if Section 8 is paying for their rent.
  • How do I submit an application? The preferred way to submit an application is through our Website. However, if you choose to fill out an application please follow all the instructions attached to the application to expedite the review/approval of your application. If we receive an application that is incomplete it will delay the approval process.
  • How do I view the property? If you are not currently with a leasing agent from another company, you can contact us via email or phone to set up an appointment with one of our leasing agents.
  • Who do I make payments to? All payments under your lease term as well as application fees are owed to Myers Team Management. We don’t accept partial payments, please make your payments to us for the balance owed.
  • What forms of payments do you accept? You can make payments to Myers Team in several different ways. You can send a cashiers check or money order, or you can sign up for ACH automatic draft or create an online account and make payments through our online portal.
  • What is your pet policy? Myers Team is a property management company that represents individual property owners or investors with their property management needs. Some of our owners are pet friendly. We take pets on a case by case situation. All pets are subject to a non-refundable pet deposit, as well as breed restrictions. We can’t allow pets that are classified as aggressive breeds by national home owners insurance providers.
  • Are utilities included in rent? A majority of all properties do NOT included utilities in the rent, however some include water and trash. These properties are typically MFR properties. Some of our properties reside in counties that have passed local legistation to incorporate trash service through the county. Properties that reside in these counties will have trash service provided in the rental rate.
  • Where is your office located? Myers Team Management corporate office is located at 2130 HWY 81 S. Loganville, Georgia 30052
  • How do I apply for a property if I reside in another state? Applying for a Myers Team property from an out of state applicant is no different from applying in state. However you will need to provide us a job offer letter from your new employer or a transfer letter from your existing employer. We highly encourage applicants to physically view the properties prior to applying for the properties.
  • What will disqualify my application? Myers Team has a very extensive background check in order to select the best quality tenants for our clients. Some of the items that will automatically disqualify you are evictions, unpaid judgments for rental properties, collections for utilities, violent criminal record, and insufficient income to support your debts and rental obiligations.
  • What documents do I provide if I do not have check stubs? Myers Team requires applicants to provide sufficient documentation of income in order to accurately calculate your annual net income. If you are self-employed and don’t receive a W-2, we need you to provide the following documentation: six months worth of cancelled checks documenting your compensation, most recent six months of complete bank statements, a profit and loss statement for the current year, and your last two years tax returns.
  • How will bankruptcy effect my application? There are several different forms of bankruptcy and each one is treated differently in our approval process. If the bankruptcy has been discharged, most applicants meet approval. However, if you are currently involved in an open bankruptcy case, it could be a disqualification.
  • Where do I get a rental application?  You can download a rental application here.
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